COBB Tuning Teases VW Products Launch

Famous tuners COBB recently released a video and image hinting at a line of products for VWs. Details are being withheld, but the company sells everything from turbos to shift knobs for a range of vehicles that includes Subaru, Ford, and Porsche.

The image COBB posted to their website shows only the silhouette of a Golf and a date. The video meanwhile shows a group of modified Golfs (and a red Beetle) that are tastefully modified. One of the Golfs even features a COBB decal on the front rocker panel.

The only other available details are a number, 03.22.16 which is presumably the date when more information will be released, and the promise that COBB’s “fleet is growing.” Watch COBB’s groovy teaser video below while you wait for more information.