Deutsche Auto Parts and the Humble Mechanic Team Up for the Greater Good

Deutsche Auto Parts and the Humble Mechanic have announced a collaboration, designed to expand the amount of DIY information available for late model Volkswagens, adding more in-depth videos to their respective YouTube channels in the process.  It’s safe to say that we can all look forward to many new, informative videos from the two in the very near future.

Read the full Press Release below.

For those you who don’t know Charles aka the Humble Mechanic, he is a VW technician with tons of passion for what he does. He started a blog to share his experiences of being a VW dealer tech with anyone interested. Over time this blog grew into a community of VW enthusiasts looking to get insights from an expert willing to share them. The guys from Deutsche Auto Parts are also offering great insights for the VW community with their helpful DIYs and informational videos on YouTube.

When the Humble Mechanic and Deutsche Auto Parts started to collaborate they talked about things they can do to share their insight with the VW community. There were many discussions about what they can do to use their many years in the VW world to help. While Deutsche Auto Parts has been putting together DIYs, the addition of Charles brings the awesome insights of a dealer technician. This includes some tag team DIYs as well as part failure videos, outlining VW parts that commonly go bad, how they fail and what symptoms to look out for.

These guys are so excited to help the community and share their info. Check out their YouTube pages.

Humble Mechanic YouTube

Deutsche Auto Parts YouTube