ECS Tuning MK7 Golf R & GTI Performance Package 2-Piece Brake Rotors

ECS Tuning engineered 2-piece semi-floating rotors offer real world benefits that can be felt on both the street and track! Combining the advantages of weight savings and rapid heat dissipation to provide a rotor superior to stock while reducing braking temperatures and extending component life.

Reduce weight. Reduce heat. Go Faster. Stop Faster!

Weight savings are significant, reducing weight in the fronts by 22% (5.15 pounds per rotor) and the rears by 15% (2.65 pounds per rotor). The combined unsprung weight savings of 15.60 pounds allows for quicker acceleration, decreased braking distances, and more responsive handling.


To facilitate weight savings, each rotor ring is bolted to a lightweight aluminum hat made from high quality 6061-T6 aluminum, and hard anodized with an attractive matte black finish that is both durable and corrosion resistant.

Conventional straight-veined or pillar-post rotors rely on an inefficient centrifuge-like effect to evacuate hot air from within the rotor. ECS 2-piece rotors feature curved, directional veins that accelerate air away from the rotor at a higher velocity, leading to consistent, rapid cooling.


These rotors are cross-drilled to promote cross ventilation for improved cooling as well as slotted to clean brake pads, carry away water and brake dust and to reduce rotor face temperatures to minimize brake pad gassing. Cleaner and cooler brake pads result in faster, more consistent stopping. Drilled holes are chamfered while slots are machined with a ball end mill – both to prevent cracking that may be present on improperly machined rotors.


The ECS 2-piece rotors have been subjected to thousands of miles of hard street use and to the elements (including snow and salt) for years. They have also been subjected to scientific brutal stress testing at the track, performing countless high speed stops in quick succession. ECS has measured stopping distances and elevated rotor temperatures of over 1,000*F for long sustained periods (to the point of rotor bluing and catching brake pads on fire), as well as subjecting rotors to careful post-test inspection for signs of irregular wear, warping, stress cracking, or any other signs of failure.

ECS Part Numbers and Applications:
Front Cross-Drilled & Slotted 2-Piece Semi-Floating Brake Rotors – Pair (340×30)
ECS VW Part #: ES2972827
ECS Audi Part #: ES3006069

Rear Cross-Drilled & Slotted 2-Piece Semi-Floating Brake Rotors – Pair (310×22)
ECS VW/Audi Part #: ES2718299

VW MK7 Golf R
VW MK7 GTI with Performance Package only
Audi 8V S3