ECS Tuning Partners with WatercooledIND for Exclusive SY10 Wheel Release

WatercooledIND, with their characteristic vibrancy and creativity, is releasing a stunning new ECS-exclusive wheel, the SY10. This latest product release represents the promise of a future relationship that is bound to produce outstanding wheel releases in the very near future.
The SY10, available only through ECS Tuning, is a creative interpretation of the classic split 10 spoke design. The details in the wheel’s machined face with it’s breathtaking concave design adds dimension to the surface, while the WCI engraving and gorgeous silver finish make a visual statement that can define an entire vehicle’s presence.  In the words of WCI, “We don’€™t just forge bricks of alloy, we create wheels that reflect a lifestyle.”
From start to finish, every WCI is meticulously designed and engineered to be as light as they are strong. Every wheel is inspected individually before being delivered to the newest members of the WCI family.  In addition to the SY10’s, ECS will also be offering the highly renowned MT10 style wheel to their WCI lineup.

The SY10 is available in staggered or square sets of 18€” wheels,  in 5×100 or 5×112 bolt patterns.

ECS Part Numbers:

18 inch – Staggered Set
ES2847741 – 18″x8.5″ ET35 / 18″x9.5″ ET35 CB57.1mm 5×100
ES2847742 – 18″x8.5″ ET42 / 18″x9.5″ ET35 CB57.1mm 5×112

18 inch – Square Set – ET42 
ES2847739 – 18″X8.5″ ET42 CB57.1mm 5×112
ES2848057 – 18″X8.5″ ET42 CB66.6mm 5×112

18 inch – Square Set – ET35
ES2847728 – 18″X8.5″ ET35 CB57.1mm 5×100
ES2847738 – 18″X9.5″ ET35 CB57.1mm 5×100
ES2847740 – 18″X9.5″ ET35 CB57.1mm 5×112
ES2848058 – 18″X9.5″ ET35 CB66.6mm 5×112

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