ECS Tuning Releases Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Housing for Gen3 1.8T/2.0T VAG Applications

VW has once again utilized a cost-cutting plastic oil filter housing. These fragile housings on previous VW/Audi models have shown to be prone to stripping during removal, and cracking during over-tightening. A damaged filter housing presents the very real possibility of losing significant amounts of oil, putting critical engine components in serious risk of permanent damage.  The engineers at ECS Tuning have arrived at a clever, permanent solution to this perennial VW/Audi design flaw.  Introducing ECS Oil Filter Housing…..
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ECS T6 6061 Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Housings not only instantly eliminate this disastrous prospect, but feature a striking anodized silver or black appearance that better fits the gorgeous design of the rest of this latest generation VW turbo-four.Black Housing: ES2785483
Silver Housing: ES2785481And as always, ECS has gone step a step further to assemble convenient Oil Service Kits to complement your new aluminum housing, each complete with six quarts of Approved VW/Audi oil for your 1.8T/2.0T Gen3 engine, oil drain plug, oil filter, and oil filter gasket.

More information about the ECS Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Housing can be found right here.