Gallery: The 450 HP Manhart Golf R Looks the Manpart

For all its supposed fanciness and its looking down its nose at America, no one does truly garish excess quite like Europe. But the continent’s latest modified Golf actually looks pretty good.

The Golf RS450 is Manhart’s answer to the very specific question: why not make a 450 hp Golf? And the way Manhart solved it was with a bigger turbo.

Along with the big turbo, Manhart added a carbon intake and remapped the ECU, all of which means that VW’s trusty 4-cylinder not only makes 450 hp, but it also churns out 369 lb-ft of torque.

To make sure that the extra horses are tuneful, Manhart has modified the exhaust to fit a new downpipe. And to make sure the Golf can handle the extra power, it’s been put on H&R lowering springs. Custom wheels round out the look.

Just ten RS450s will be made so not only will your Golf look the part and fly down the road, it’ll also be appropriately exclusive.