Gallery: ABT RS4+ Meets its Granddaddy: The ABT RS2

ABT has been around for an awfully long and it’s been modifying VWs since VW was a thing. So when the RS2 came out about 25 years ago, the tuning house got pretty excited.

Adding a stainless steel exhaust system, a modified turbo, and an adjustable camshaft, ABT boosted power up to 360 hp (up from about 310).

Now, 25 years later, ABT is up to its old tricks again with the RS4+ Avant. With an ECU tune, a new muffler, an auxiliary water cooler, and an air intake, the tuners have upped the power on by 80 hp and about 65 lb-ft of torque.

“The journey began in 1994 with the Audi RS2, which was built in a cooperation with Porsche,” says Hans-Jürgen Abt. “It was one of the first station wagons that could hold its own against proper sports cars and was a crucial factor for the success of this vehicle type at Audi.”

Check them both out as photographed by ABT on an airfield in Germany.

from Fourtitude