GTI Owners Rejoice! Brembo Makes Plaid Brake Calipers Possible

The Geneva Motor Show always plays host to the debuts of the latest supercars, concept cars, and overly ambitious EVs. In other words, then, it’s a show of things that are expensive and nice to look at but are essentially useless in the real world.

This made Geneva the perfect place for Brembo to show off its latest creation: painted patterned brake calipers. That’s right – the Italian brake company debuted a conceptual line of painted brake calipers at the Swiss show with a variety of all-over designs, including camouflage, argyle plaid, cheetah print and our personal favorite, a Keith Haring-style street art pattern. We can already hear GTI fans clamoring for Tartan plaid Brembo calipers.

“Brembo was inspired by the world of fashion, design, art, and style to coat some of its calipers with unusual ‘clothes’ for a car component, in a journey of provocations, chromatic suggestions, and graphic textures.”

The company says the concept calipers shown here are “just a few suggestions that will not go into production and that Brembo presents to underline the perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality, which make each Brembo caliper an icon of style.”

You probably won’t ever be able to buy calipers like these, then, but who knows? Perhaps an automaker will see these designs and proposition Brembo to make it a batch for a special edition model of some sort.