HPA Motorsports Performance Pack Upgrade for Garrett Turbo equipped 2.0T FSI

  • Add 34-50HP and 40 ft/lbs of TQ to your 2.0T FSI

Many VW enthusiasts have already upgraded their 2.0T’s with bigger turbo kits, but are still looking for even more power. HPA has developed a reliable add-on package for those looking for extra low end power and top end speed.

Starting with HPA’s cast aluminum short runner intake manifold, which was engineered specifically to maximize and optimize flow in a forced induction environment, we upgraded the fuel injectors and rail pressure valve, and developed a proprietary software tune. The result is a smoke and burble free 40 ft-lbs gain in torque on US 92 octane, an average gain of 35HP and nearly 50 extra horses at redline, with the entire system backed away from the limits.

Performance Pack Garrett

With our calibration, the injectors are now living between 74-85% duty cycle, offering comfortable headroom. The rail pressure no longer lives at 150+ bar, but rather a nice, realistic 125-128 bar so the demands on the OEM in-tank fuel pump, HPFP, and cam followers are back within their intended specs for performance and durability.

We run a 2 bar boost map for 92octane with headroom to grow beyond 460 ft-lbs of torque once internals such as rods and piston ring lands are addressed.

The adaptive nature of HPA’s software tuning philosophy provides active knock protection for stability under varying octane and temperature ranges and enables all OEM safety parameters within the software to avoid any dangerous overboost situations.

One Golf R Owner reports:
“Car is simply awesome! Great power and wicked fast. The difference is the way the power comes on… 1/3 – 1/2 throttle input power is immediately available – Thanks for the great work!”


HPA Performance Pack Upgrade for MED9 2.0T FSI vehicles already equipped with Garrett turbo – US$2499.00 + shipping

Additional information on HPA’s 2.0 Intake Manifold and Performance Pack can be found here.

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