HRE Makes the World’s First 3D Printed Titanium Wheels

The world of 3D printing is working its way into every aspect of the automotive world, and now the aftermarket, too. HRE has worked together with GE Additive to create the first world’s first 3D printed titanium wheel.

And the results are pretty wild. That’s less than surprising, though, because the wheel was designed to catch attention, not be put into production. Still, though, the intersecting design demonstrates what can be accomplished with 3D printing.

HRE is looking to the future here and while 3D printing can make some pretty wild designs, it can also help reduce waste.

Affixed to a carbon fiber rim, the titanium face of the wheel is printed in six parts and then assembled by hand. So it may come as less than a surprise that this particular set of wheels was attached to a McLaren P1.

Watch the full video covering the wheel’s creation below: