Manhart Pushes the RS Q8 to 900 HP

Famed for its black and gold builds, Manhart has been modifying German cars for more than 30 years. Its latest project takes the Audi RS Q8 and pumps up the power to 900 hp.

Actually, you can choose a range of power upgrades from 600 hp all the way up to 900 hp, if the full measure seems like a little much to you. Power comes thanks to an upgraded transmission, turbo, a new exhaust system, and a Manhart ECU remap.

To keep it all in check, the suspension is upgraded and brakes can be upgraded optionally.

And since more power isn’t enough, Manhart put the RS Q8 on a crash diet and added a carbon fiber hood, a carbon diffuser, and carbon side skirts. There’s also a wide body.

Unfortunately, the carbon kit will be limited to just 10 units worldwide, so you have to get your order in quick. You’ll want to talk to Swiss bankers, though, because the price for all of these upgrades is €280,000.