Motor Mavericks Monthly Wheel Giveaway

Motor Mavericks have announced an upcoming monthly wheel giveaway, with automatic entry after each purchase from their online store.  As a bonus for VWvortex Members, each purchase will be worth one additional entry into the drawing, meaning that VWvortex members will have much better odds than other participants.

Read the full Press Release below.

The automotive lifestyle brand, Motor Mavericks, has announced that they will be giving away a free set of wheels each month. For every item you purchase from their website,, you will be entered into the giveaway for that month. As an added bonus, VWVortex members will be entered TWICE for every item purchased. Just mention your account username in the notes at checkout and automatically have 2X the chances of winning. Entry can cost as little as $5!

Motor Mavericks has an extensive selection of apparel, wheels and VAG performance products. New products are being added every week as well so check back often for a new chance each month.


  1. Each item purchased from the website qualifies as 2 entries into the contest for VWVortex users, 1 entry for non-VWVortex members.
  2. VWVortex members must enter their username in the checkout notes in order to qualify for double entry.
  3. Purchase must be made by midnight of the last day of the month in order to be entered into that months draw.
  4. Winner’s will be announced publicly the first week of every month following the closing of the previous month.
  5. The winner may pick any set of wheels available on the website, up to $1,000 in price. Anything over $1,000 may be chosen only if winner agrees to pay the owed difference.

About Motor Mavericks

Motor Mavericks is simply a group of enthusiasts catering to the rest of the community through media coverage of unique builds/shows around the world and providing quality apparel/merchandise that represents their viewers. The name Motor Mavericks itself describes it best, with build projects lined up for their new location that to some may seem a little unorthodox. No project is ever left under the radar though, which is why the team always has its doors open for the fellow enthusiast to stop by and check things out.