New BFI Control Arms With Solid Rubber Bushings – MQB-MK7

These RS3 style solid rubber control arm bushings from Black Forest Industries make the best possible OEM+ upgrade for your MQB vehicle. By eliminating the voids in the rubber and having a completely solid rubber bushing, you will gain a significant amount of feel and response during spirited driving, while introducing minimal additional noise, vibration or harshness into the cabin.

The benefits of a solid rubber bushing include: 

– Less deflection of the control arm under load

– Reduced deflection under “bump” load

– Increased quickness on steering turn-in

– Decreased Wheel hop on launch

In addition to the added performance benefits, the solid rubber bushings will last longer than the original OE style as they cannot tear and fail as the factory design is prone to doing. If your car has anywhere near 50k+ miles on it, then you will surely benefit from this simple upgrade!

BFI makes the whole process of installation simple by offering these preinstalled in brand new control arms. You will have no need to press out your old bushings, but simply bolt these in and go! In addition, they have added brand new ball joints to replace your aging pair, which is yet another bit of peace of mind!  If you’re the type that doesn’t mind getting your hands dirty, BFI does offer just the bushings by themselves which will require you to press them into your existing control arms. Either way, they’ve got a solution that fits your needs. 

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