New Quaife ATB Differentials for VAG 02E DSG Models

[source: Quaife]

Automotive drivetrain specialist RT Quaife Engineering Ltd is expanding its market leading range of high performance helical gear automatic torque biasing (ATB) differentials for Volkswagen Audi Group cars using dual clutch transmissions (DSG).

The new Quaife ATB differential applications cover VAG models fitted with the 02E DSG gearboxes in both two and four wheel drive formats, including:-

  • MK5 Golf R32 DSG 4WD
  • MK6 Golf 2007 onwards including 4WD R model
  • Mk7 Golf 2010 onwards
  • Jetta 2005 onwards
  • Jetta 2011 onwards
  • Scirocco Mk3
  • Audi A3, Audi TT, Seat Leon / Toledo / Altea
  • Skoda Octavia

The standard Volkswagen Audi Group 02E DSG dual clutch transmission incorporates a toothed ring as part of the system’s parking brake mechanism and there are two different designs depending on the age of the vehicle (20 tooth ‘coarse’ and 25 tooth ‘fine.’) Therefore it is imperative that customers verify the tooth count on their stock differential before ordering the Quaife ATB differential unit to ensure compatibility of fitment.

Accordingly, Quaife now offers three new fitments to suit 2WD and 4WD 02E applications, making a total of four units available for the variants within the DSG range, enabling more VAG car owners than ever before to experience the benefits of a Quaife ATB differential. The application breakdown is as follows:

  • QDF19R (2WD DSG 02E gearbox with 20 tooth parking brake)
  • NEW QDF28R (2WD DSG 02E gearbox with 25 tooth parking brake)
  • NEW QDF27R (4WD 02E gearbox with 20 tooth parking brake)
  • NEW QDF25R (4WD 02E gearbox with 25 tooth parking brake)

Widely accepted as the upgrade of choice for road car owners and motorsport competitors looking to improve their vehicle’s traction, handling balance and braking capabilities, the Quaife ATB units are a direct replacement for standard VAG 02E ‘open’ differentials and are supplied complete with high tensile strength Quaife crown wheel bolts.

Priced from £815.00 the Quaife 02E DSG ATB differentials are available now directly from Quaife or from leading VAG aftermarket specialists. Click on