Remus Updates Powerizer Performance Module for 2015

Remus has announced an updated Powerizer Performance Module for 2015, with even more applications and revised software for certain models.

Coming in as a plug-and-play tuning module rather than an ECU “flash”, the Remus Powerizer Power Module is now available for over 3000 different vehicles.  On vehicles like the Mk7 GTI, this module is capable of adding roughly 30hp and 50tq.  It isn’t just about power though, as the module also has an “eco” mode which remaps the ECU to make the engine more fuel efficient.

The Remus Powerizer works by actively reading and changing engine mapping more than 1000 times per second, delivering noticeable increases in power while still retaining all factory engine safety parameters.  On top of this, Remus leaves the stock software in tact as found on the vehicle’s ECU.

Learn more about the Powerizer, right here.