Revo 8V A3/S3 MQB Quattro & MK7 Golf R AWD Down-pipes are Available for Order!

Revo Downpipe Upgrade

Increased power, flow & engine note


The Revo MQB downpipe represents months of research and development. Prototypes were fit, street/track tested, modified and fit again until every part of the downpipe was up to Revo’s highest standards. The brushed finish, hand MIG welded joints and fully v-banded modular design are industry-leading hallmarks seen throughout the Revo product line.

The Revo downpipe was designed in-house at our US HQ and manufactured using the highest grade T304 stainless steel. A state of the art CAD-CAM-CNC mandrel bender and precise welding jigs are used in the production process to reproduce exact prototype angles & weld areas for excellent, repeatable fitment and maximum gas flow.

Available in High Flow Cat and **Catless Configurations.


  • T304 stainless steel construction
  • Maximizes exhaust flow/Minimizes back pressure
  • Made in the USA
  • 3″ Diameter
  • 0.065″ wall thickness



  • Limited Lifetime guarantee free from material or manufacturer’s defect
  • Developed, refined and manufactured in the USA
  • 3 piece modular V-band design with specific adjustment points for perfect bracket-chassis mount fitment
  • Sleeved flex section to stop swell and maintain the same inner diameter in all conditions
  • V-band pilots self-align and seal to promote exhaust flow and stop joint sweat
  • CNC’d turbo flange from solid T304 round to +/- 0.005” tolerance for perfect turbo fitment
  • T304 V-band flanges and 0.065” wall tubing for uniform expansion/contraction, eliminating joint and bracket stress under load
  • One-off, robust chassis bracket design with support ear to guarantee bracket life, unlike welded bar-stock or flat sheet metal brackets
  • Optional top mounted, 200 cell catalytic converter heats faster and stays hot longer to further reduce noise/odor versus lower mounted designs
  • Catalytic converter / test pipe sections can be changed from the top of the engine bay
  • All necessary industry leading Clampco clamps included

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**Offroad use only

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