Revo Releases Spring and Rear Anti Roll Bar Upgrade Kit for MQB Vehicles with Independent Rear Suspension

In our continued effort to create the best possible packages for VAG cars, Revo is pleased to release our new Spring and Rear Anti Roll Bar (ARB) for MQB platform 2WD cars.

OEM Manufacturers design their suspension for a broad spectrum of conditions and drivers. Because of the need for multi-market appeal, they leave plenty of room for improvements in handling and responsiveness on the table. Working alongside Eibach, we developed an upgrade package that offers enhanced cornering capability and roadholding along with improved braking performance while maintaining OEM-like drivability.

For more information regarding the Revo by Eibach Spring and Rear Anti Roll Bar Upgrade Kit click here.


  • Revo Anti Roll Bar
  • Anti Roll Bar Bushings
  • 4 Springs


  • Enhanced cornering ability
  • Increased braking performance
  • Industry leading quality
  • Reduced understeer
  • 15-35mm front lowering
  • 10-30mm rear lowering