Watch: How Do We Feel About Plexiglass Wheels?

With SEMA having just ended, you would think that there was no more space for insane mods, but the Russians are here to say: hold my Stoli.

In this video translated from Russian, YouTube’s Garage 54 takes the three-piece wheels off their Mercedes 190e AMG and replace the face of the wheel with clear plexiglass.

Shockingly—or maybe not?—the host of the video says that the wheels have become really light following the addition of plexiglass. What is shocking for sure is that the wheels can support the car.

The hosts seem as surprised as the rest of us because a good portion of the video is just making sure the wheels don’t break.

A downside of the wheels it that they don’t really fit the car. That means that they can’t be turned without rubbing. But that’s all standard build stuff.

Unfortunately, the inability to turn the wheel means that actually driving it around town is too crazy, even for crazy Russians. Whether or not they would stand up to a pothole, or even just regular road speeds remains to be seen.

Even the hosts admit, though, that this would be more of a setup for shows. Which leads to the question at the top of the article: ignoring the question of whether they function or not, do they look good?

However you feel about the wheels, you should check out Garage 54’s wild Instagram account. They’ve got everything from hot tub cars to Ladas balancing themselves on top of other Ladas.

via Motor1