AUTObiography: BADCLOWN's 1996 VW Harlequin Golf
By VWvortex member BADCLOWN
Mar 31, 2008, 21:27

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Next up is VWvortex reader: BADCLOWN

How long have you owned this car?
I bought the car in 2006.

Is there anything unique about the history of this car?
Originally was a fleet vehicle for the Olympics in Atlanta. Itís #14 according to the Harlequin registry.

Why did you choose this car to purchase?
After talking with Mike aka VRClownCar, and a friend having one, I got the urge to get one.

What other cars did you consider?
None, I searched for over a year for one.

What was your objective with this car?
Take the fun factor that this car naturally has and elaborate on it as much as possible.

What tuning style best describes this car (ex. Euro, Bling, OEMplus, street racer, auto crosser)?
OEM plus.

Who helped you build this car?
The car came with a semi-built motor. My primary focus has been on aesthetics.

What makes your car special?
Obvious reasons of it being extremely rare and four different colors.

What is your favorite part/feature/function?
The paintÖ itís an attention-grabber. The stories about things that have been said and happened to me while driving are endless.

Who or what inspired the direction of modifications on this car?
My own personal taste; no real inspiration from outside sources.

What don't you like about this car?
The single stage paint.

What was your biggest obstacle in building this car?
Actually being able to upgrade and spend on it while in school.

How did you overcome the issue?
Busted my ass and modified at times that were most fitting.

What would you change if you could?
Paint condition.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with the outcome of this project?

What would you do to the car if money were no object?
Fully built 8v with a turbo setup and reliable drivetrain to back it.

Who has been your biggest critic of this project?
Myself. Being picky has led me to want to fix a lot of small things on this car.

What do your family and friends say about this car?
The family thinks Iím nuts and gets a kick out of it. My friends think itís great.

What is your most memorable/humorous/embarrassing moment with this car?
Having someone pull alongside me on the expressway and ask me to slow down so they could get their camera out and snap some pictures.

Has this car competed in any events?
Dubs on the Lake 2007.

What is your favorite place to drive this car?
Anywhere that it gets seen.

What is your ideal day with this car?
A Chipotle burrito lunch, windows down, sunny and 75, with good music.

Who gets to drive this car?
Primarily myself but others have stepped behind the wheel.

If your car had a motto, what would it be?

If you had to name your car, what would you name it?

What was your previous project?
1998 StgIII VR6 GTI.

What is your next project?

What one word best describes your car?

Describe the ultimate Volkswagen enthusiast. How do you and your car represent that ideal?
I believe being an enthusiast entails thoroughly enjoying everything that you do through the thick and the thin, whether that be broken parts, modifications, participation in shows, etc. Being an enthusiast isnít just owning a Volkswagen and going to shows for myself, itís more importantly about enjoying the company of the people that share in the same interest as yourself. The Harlequin is a rare breed and I believe is one of the few models that helps, in part, define an enthusiast. This car takes a special kind of person to own it and this being my 7th Volkswagen, Iím extremely proud to own this car and have loved every single moment owning and driving it up to this point.

Owner Information:
Name: Jacob Ganshirt
City and State: Fort Mitchell, KY
VWvortex Username: BADCLOWN
Occupation: Banquet server
Club Affiliations: SWOV (Southwest Ohio VW) and DubDojo

Vehicle Information:
Year: 1996
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Harlequin Golf
Mileage: 121,xxx
Original Color: Chagall Blue
Current Color: Pistachio Green, Ginster Yellow, Tornado Red, Chagall Blue
Engine: 2.0 8v
Engine Modifications: TT 270-degree cams with a custom TT chip, 40mm throttle body, 5-lug swap and rear disc conversion, Autotech adjustable cam gear, custom ground kit, custom short shifter, MSD 8207 coil, NGK spark plugs, custom MKIV cold air intake, color-matched MKIV upper/lower intake manifold, TT titanium retainers and valve springs, ported and polished head with a valve job.
Exhaust Modifications: Custom 2.25Ē exhaust/exhaust manifold/downpipe.
Transmission Modifications: AGB transmission with upgraded flywheel.
Suspension Modifications: FK full dampening and adjustable coilovers, front strut bar.
Brake Modifications: Brembo cross-drilled rotors with Mintex pads.
Wheels and Tires: Custom painted BBS RXIIs with 205-40-16 Toyo Proxes4s.
Exterior/Body Modifications: Euro turn signals
Interior Modifications: Bennetton steering wheel, custom matched gauge cluster.
Audio/Video/I.C.E.: Alpine 9831 headunit, Alpine 420 Ai iPod interface, two sets of Alpine Type S components, Infinity Reference 12Ē subwoofer, Alpine amp, Stinger speaker wire.
Thanks/Props: Thanks to my SWOV community for the all the help in getting this car to where itís at, Erik at Forgeline, Brian Rupp for the painted shoes, Jeff from LouisvilleVW for the photography work, my D-town and Cinci crews for your help, Allan Savage at SavageMotorsports, and all my friends and family.

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