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Passat R36 Announced
By by: Jamie Vondruska
Nov 17, 2006, 14:07

The Short Version: Volkswagen has announced another addition to the "R" lineup with a 300hp version of the Passat sedan and wagon called the R36.

Our take: Volkswagen started their "R" line of cars with their limited edition Golf IV R32 and ended up selling over 14,000 worldwide. Volkswagen Individual has now added to the "R" line with a new R36 Passat sedan and wagon. Volkswagen starts with a 4motion 3.6l Passat and bumps the power to 300hp, adds 18" wheels, lower and stiffer suspension, an all-new body kit with front and rear valances and side skirts, new sport seats with deeper bolsters covered in Alcantara, new turned aluminum dash trim, dual chrome tip exhaust and more.

For the German market which only gets the 250hp 3.2l VR6 version of the Passat, this is a significant increase in power. However the U.S. market already gets the 3.6l with 280hp, so the additional 20hp in the R36 while nice, is much less of a bump. Volkswagen claims the R36 scoots from 0-62 mph in 5.6 seconds which is fairly decent for the portly all-wheel-drive sedan.

Overall we find it refreshing to see VW building more "R" model-line cars and the R36 is a nice addition. While the late-70's Trans Am interior (maybe a screaming chicken sticker for the hood?) and wild body kit might be a bit over the top for some, we worry most about the price tag on this sucker given that a 4motion Passat V6 already pushes $37k without all the go-fast goodies. We aren't worrying too much though as there are currently no plans to bring the R36 to the U.S. market which is a shame as we always like a few rowdy ones in the group. This could change according to VWoA so throw us some feedback on what you think and we'll pass it along to our friends at VW.

Volkswagen AG Press Release:

The Sportiest Passat Ever

With 300 horsepower under its bonnet, the Passat R36 looks forward to its world premiere at the Essen Motor Show

The Passat R36 will hit the market in a double rollout as a saloon and a variant

In a world-premiere showing, Volkswagen will present its new Passat R36 at the Essen Motor Show on November 30. This, the most powerful Passat ever, is propelled by a 3.6-litre, six-cylinder, 220-kW / 300-hp direct-injection petrol engine (3.6 FSI). Power transmission is supplied by a series-fitted direct-shift gearbox (DSG) and permanent all-wheel drive (4MOTION). Maximum speed in the saloon is electronically set to the cut-off point of 250 km/h. The Passat R36 achieves the fastest acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h of any Volkswagen, with the saloon reaching the mark in 5.6 seconds and the variant in 5.8.

The new Passat R36 is the work of Volkswagen Individual, a team geared to create special and/or ultra-speed model designs. This is the second production series to feature a model version built under the exclusive R label. The first was the Golf R32 with 177 kW / 241 hp. Presented in mid-summer 2002, this successful version of the fourth-generation Golf outperformed expectations in every possible sense, with some 14,000 collector vehicles sold. It was on the basis of this success that the idea evolved to eventually develop a whole series of R models. The second Golf R32, with its 184-kW / 250-hp engine and series-equipped with 4MOTION all-wheel drive, was showcased in the autumn of 2005. It too performed superbly, and continues to do so to this day. When it is finally launched in the second quarter of 2007, the “R36” will demonstrate just how athletic a Passat saloon and a Passat variant can be.

The look of the new Passat R36 is defined by a whole host of specific design features which make it immediately recognisable as a dynamic version of this internationally successful vehicle series. Its finish is one such defining feature. That may not sound spectacular, but it is an important design aspect. The typical R finish introduced with the Golf R32 is the exclusive Pearlescent Deep Blue now used on the Passat R36 as well.

The special characteristics which mark this vehicle’s front section include an R-specific bumper and the unmistakable design of the matt-finish chrome radiator grille. The aluminium-look double slats on the upper grille and the austerely square grid adorning all the other the air-intake openings are likewise very R-specific.

The rear section of the R36 saloon features a newly designed spoiler atop the boot lid. In the case of the Passat R36 variant, a new cab spoiler provides added drive for the rear axle. Both body versions feature chrome-plated twin exhaust pipes. Newly designed “Omanyt” 18-inch alloy wheels and wider wheel housing finished in the vehicle colour were also developed exclusively for the Passat R36.

An excerpt from the list of exterior details on the R36:

o Chrome-plated twin exhaust pipes
o Bi-xenon headlamps
o Brake caliper in a blue finish
o Cab spoiler (variant)
o Boot-lid spoiler (saloon)
o Matt-finish chrome radiator grille with aluminium-look slats and the “R36” emblem
o Slatted air grids
o R-specific front and rear bumpers
o LED tail lights, tainted
o Wider wheel housing finished in the vehicle colour
o Protective rear and side strips in chrome
o Wider body sills in the vehicle colour
o Finishing door strip in the vehicle colour
o 18-inch alloy wheels, “Omanyt” (tyres: 235/40)

As was previously the case for the Golf R32, Volkswagen Individual once more came up with special designs for the interior of this, the sportiest Passat. The dashboard and centre console have been given a special “Engine Spin” decorative finish. The R-design leather steering wheel allows for a particularly good grip and features a metal R36 emblem integrated into the bottom spoke. The pedals are likewise made of metal. The Passat R36 will also come with a series-fitted sport-seat bench with 12-way electrical settings, R36 entry strips, new instrument-panel lighting (white illumination) and an aluminium-look automatic selector lever.

An excerpt from the list of interior details in the R36:

o Aluminium-look automatic selector lever
o Light-coloured “Engine Spin” garnishings
o Front entry strip with R36 emblem
o Instrument cluster with R emblem and white illumination
o R-design pedal caps
o R-specific multifunction leather steering wheel
o “Monte Carlo” flat-weave seat covers and door lining
o Electrical 12-way sport seats at front, R emblem integrated into backrests
o Sport-seat bench at rear, with a split folding backrest and a centre armrest
o Fabric floor mats at front and rear featuring the R emblem
o Heated front and (two) rear seats

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