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Ultimate Rally Car Collection on Offer from UK Brokers Morris and Welford
By source: Morris & Welford, photos by Simon Clay
Aug 29, 2008, 13:33

International specialist historic car consultants and automotive brokers Morris & Welford are presently seeking a buyer for a superb selection of twenty four rally cars including seven iconic Audi Quattros and two Volkswagen Golfs.

Largely formed over many years by World Championship winning team boss David Sutton, they have been on display in his museum premises for the past decade. Often seen being exercised by an array of former rally superstars such as Stig Blomqvist, Bjorn Waldegaard and Michele Mouton at a variety of demonstration events, it is undeniably the finest collection of rallycars within the UK.

Headlining the group are of course the seven Audi Quattros ranging from the early Group 4 derivatives through to two of the ultimate S1 E2 variants. The progression of Lancia's rallying heritage is covered by a Stratos, 037 and a Delta S4 whilst the collection also spans back to the early 1960s with a beautifully purpose built Volvo PV544, the most modern machine is the 1996 Group A Ford Escort Cosworth.


UK Registration Plate: LYV 4X
Chassis Number: 85A0900028

Immensely famous Group 4 Quattro, the first Quattro run by David Sutton’s Audi Sport UK team and garnered huge success and indeed press. UK registered LYV 4X it achieved the following notable results with Audi Sport UK in the 1982 British Open Rally

Yorkshire Rally, 1st overall, Mikkola/ Hertz
Circuit of Ireland, 6th overall, Mikkola/ Hertz
Welsh Rally, 1st overall, Waldegaard/ Short
Scottish Rally, 1st overall, Mikkola/ Hertz
Manx International Rally, DNF, Mikkola/ Hertz
Lombard RAC Rally, 10th overall, Wilson/ Greasley

Following this successful season it continued to compete in UK rallies driven by Darryl Weidner then by Chris Lord who retained the car until 1994. Fully restored to Group 4 specification by David Sutton’s Historic Motorsport Ltd in 2000 and museum displayed since.

UK registered and accompanied by a UK V5.


Chassis Number: 85A0900041

Works supplied car to South Africa with competition history to be researched. Subsequently brought to the UK in 2001 and is midway through restoration. Requires wiring, plumbing and ancillaries to complete but shell, engine, gearbox and differentials
are present and have been tended to in advance of installation.


UK Registration Plate: 44 CMN
Chassis Number: ASUK0052

Audi Sport UK built car which famously carried the Isle of Man registration 44 CMN. On its first outing it defeated the might of the factory Audi team and won the Lombard RAC Rally outright in the ever-capable hands of Stig Blomqvist by an amazing margin of 21 minutes!

Remaining in active service for another two seasons the known results for this car are as follows;

Lombard RAC Rally, 1st overall, Blomqvist/ Cederberg

National Breakdown Rally, 1st overall, Mikkola/ Hertz
Circuit of Ireland, DNF, Demuth
Welsh Rally, 1st overall, Mikkola/ Hertz
Scottish Rally, 1st overall, Mikkola/ Hertz
Ulster Rally, DNF, Demuth
Lombard RAC Rally, 2nd overall, Mikkola/ Hertz

National Breakdown Rally, DNF, Llewellin/ Short
Circuit of Ireland, 8th overall, Llewellin/ Short
Welsh Rally, 4th overall, Llewellin/ Short

It later passed to Ignacio Sunsundegui who did some desert rallying with the car before it returned to its original 1983 RAC winning livery and placed on display within the museum.

Please note that the Isle of Man registration has lapsed and the vehicle is not currently road registered within the UK.


UK Registration Plate: MVV 44Y
Chassis Number: 85A0900042

Audi Sport UK car originally to A1 specification that subsequently was upgraded to a mix of A1 and A2 specification. Used by Stig Blomqvist in 1983 to secure the British Open Rally Championship.

Sold to Malcolm Wilson then used by him with continued success in both 1984 and 1985 and then joined the Patrick Collection after the 1985 season where it remained on display until purchase by the current owners in 2004 and then fully restored by David Sutton’s Historic Motorsport Ltd. Refurbished throughout including fresh engine rebuild by AStec. Since completion in late 2006 it has been on display within the museum and not since used in anger.

Full details of known competition success below;

Mintex Rally, 1st overall, Blomqvist/ Cederberg
Circuit of Ireland, DNF, Blomqvist/ Cederberg
Welsh Rally, 1st overall, Blomqvist/ Cederberg
Scottish Rally, 1st overall, Blomqvist/ Cederberg
Ulster Rally, 1st overall, Blomqvist/ Cederberg
Manx Rally, DNF, Blomqvist/ Cederberg
Audi National Rally, 1st overall, Mouton/ Baker

National Breakdown Rally, DNF, Wilson/ Harris
Welsh Rally, 3rd overall, Wilson/ Harris
Scottish Rally, DNF, Wilson/ Harris
Cumbria Rally, 1st overall, Wilson/ Harris
Audi National Rally, 1st overall, Wilson/ Harris
Lombard RAC Rally, DNF, Wilson/ Harris

National Breakdown Rally, 1st overall, Wilson/ Harris
Welsh Rally, 1st overall, Wilson/ Harris

UK registered with V5 on file along with a selection of archive images and invoice for the engine overhaul.


UK Registration Plate: YMN 44
Chassis Number: WAUZZZ85ZEA905101

The much heralded (short wheelbase) Sport Quattro was developed in keeping with Group B regulations which required a minimum of 200 examples to be produced. As a step forward from the A2 Quattro, the Sport featured a new engine with 4 valves per cylinder (capable of outputs in the region of 500 bhp) the chassis shortened by nearly 10-inches and to improve driver visibility the windscreen rake was increased.

This particular car was the Audi Sport UK entered example used by Harald Demuth on the 1986 RAC Rally where he sadly retired with engine issues.

Subsequently this example was reputed to have been used in the Spanish Gravel Rally Championship before returning to the UK where it was fully restored in 1993 by Historic Motorsport Ltd.

Please note that the Isle of Man registration YMN 44 has lapsed and the car is not currently UK road registered.


Chassis Number: WAUZZZ85ZGA905001

Group B regulations stipulated that, if a minimum of 20 such examples were produced, manufacturers could build Evolution models of their existing Group B machinery. The Audi engineers further honed the SWB Sport variant and as such the Quattro S1 E2 is widely regarded as the most awesome of all Group B machinery ever produced. Weight distribution was honed to provide a 52:48 split, power increased to 550 bhp and an aggressively bewinged body was homologated on the grounds of ‘additional cooling’, needless to say significant aerodynamic advances were of course also made…

This fine example, the first of the 20 E2 variants was used for factory testing before being pressed into service. It served as Michele Mouton’s Audi Sport UK ran entry for the 1985 Ulster International Rally. Most importantly, in the hands of Hannu Mikkola, this car won the 1985 Olympus Rally outright.

Latterly used in Race of Champions events and for demonstration runs, it is not currently road registered.


Chassis Number: WAUZZZ85ZGA905008

This, works built S1 E2 (internal designation RE 08) was initially used as an exhibition vehicle before being sold to the UK. Purchased by Tom Hammond, it was modified for hillclimb use and competed with much success in the 1990s until Tom’s sad passing when it was acquired for the David Sutton Motorsport Museum.

Huge aerodynamic testing was undertaken hence it resembles the form of the famous 1987 Pikes Peak winning Quattro and with a claimed 700 bhp plus Lehman powerplant under the bonnet this is a fearsome beast indeed.


Chassis Number: AAPV0270160290170

Rally prepared and run in South African events, not UK registered nor run in several years.


UK Registration Plate: KN52 PXC
Chassis Number: WVWZZZ1JZYU086739

MORE INFORMATION:www.MorrisAndWelford.com

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