Frankfurt IAA: Volkswagen Group Night

A tradition in the night leading up to press days of any major auto show must surely be the Volkswagen Group Night. With one of the largest portfolios of brands in the business, much less storied brands, the Volkswagen Group has a lot to offer. This night of previews for the assembled press means plenty of sneak peeks about what is to come the next day from Audi and the rest of the group.


For the Volkswagen brand specifically, this meant the new Tiguan and also the Multivan PanAmericana concept. This meant several Tiguan models, including the R-Line and GTE concept.


For Lamborghini, this night offered the chance to reveal the new Huracan Spyder. Though the Huracan coupe has been around for several months now, this is the first time we’ve seen the open top version. Even better, the Huracan Spyder appears to be an even more aggressive Spyder than was the Gallardo Spyder it replaces.


Representing the so-called Audi brand group, Ducati also had a chance to show off some of its work. A Panigale was a surprise placement in the back of a van from Volkswagen commercial, but it was the new Monster that was front and center for the brand.


Bentley’s Bentayga is also worth noting from this night. Bentley utilized the new Q7’s (and future Touareg’s) architecture in the development of its first-ever SUV, though it does so with power from the bruiser W12 twin turbo engine.


See over six hundred photos from tonight’s event in our Frankfurt IAA photo gallery archive linked below and also to the right of this story. Look for more ongoing coverage of Frankfurt throughout tomorrow and the rest of the week.