Best of H2O International- Mk1

H2O International has come and gone, bringing the Northeast’s traditional show season to a close.  We’re taking a fond look back at the cars, people and atmosphere which made this year’s H2O International one of the best ever.  Let’s kick things off with what we feel were the best Mk1s of the event.


One of the most wild Mk1s we’ve seen in quite a while, DM Motorsport’s mid-engined GTI spent some quality time in our booth before being called up to the Top Dawg competition on Sunday, where it placed second.  A few thousand man hours were required to cram an S4-sourced 4.2 FSI V8 and transmission into the car, but only a few minutes are required to remove it.  An incredible build by great people.


H2O International wasn’t the first time we’ve encountered this Cabby, but when it comes to this car, familiarity isn’t a bad thing.  BBS RS wheels, single round headlights, and a clean engine bay are just the beginning of what makes us love this car.


In a world of stance-driven builds, it’s nice to see something specifically made to go fast every once in awhile.  Built and owned by Adam Strunk of Nothing Leaves Stock, this supercharged 16 valve Mk1 was made to go fast and handle well.  Highly custom, yet still true to the original GTI concept.


H2O International marked second time we’ve seen this Red Mk1 with a clean 3.2L VR6 transplant, and it’s no coincidence that yet again it has made our “best of” list.  Better-than-new bodywork and paint, vintage BBS Motorsport wheels and an extreme attention to detail made this car a standout- even in an extremely noteworthy Orchid Euro/Performance VW booth.


Featured in our booth on Sunday, this Caddy made me seriously rethink the need for a savings account.  BBS RS wheels, a deep duckbill spoiler, reupholstered Recaro seats and a single round headlight conversion.  It’s a great example of how oftentimes less is more.


Back in the Orchid Euro/Performance VW booth, this GTI was spotted wearing a Callaway Turbo kit and extensive under hood color matching.


A competitor for Top Dawg, this one-owner GTI was the recipient of a recent transformation, with Porsche touches throughout.  The more we looked, the more we appreciated.


If this GTI looks familiar, that’s probably because it is.  Another guest of Orchid Euro/Performance VW booth, this 12 valve VR6 swapped GTI was also featured in our Waterfest coverage.


Extremely impressive in both attention to detail and execution, this 1.8T-swapped Top Dawg competitor was flawless inside and out.  Anywhere else, this car would have easily placed first.


Last but not least, this extremely clean Rabbit successfully brought attention to the Counter Kultur booth with its extremely tasteful modifications.

Did we forget to include something?  Check out the full gallery here, and let us know what we missed in the comments below.

Stay tuned for our next “Best of” piece tomorrow, where we put the focus on Mk2s.