Best of H2O International- Mk2

H2O International has come and gone, bringing the Northeast’s traditional show season to a close.  We’re taking a fond look back at the cars, people and atmosphere which made this year’s H2O International one of the best ever.  Let’s keep it going with what we feel were the best Mk2s of the event.


Unix Performance left no panel untouched when building this Mk2 Jetta.  Powered by a 16 Valve G60, the car was a strong Top Dawg contender.


Montana Green is a love it or hate it color, but this Mk2 pulled it off well.  Another contender for Top Dawg, this GTI had VRT power, and a very interesting intake setup.


Rallye Golfs have become a staple of the Top Dawg contest, and this was one of the best we’ve seen.  A redone interior with rare Recaro A8 seats was just the tip of the iceberg for this Rallye.


Another Rallye Golf, this time spotted in the Orchid Euro/Performance VW booth with 2.0T FSI power and BBS wheels.  Although it was very OEM+, a lot of work went into making this look so simple.



It’s impossible not to include the Zonker in a best of list, regardless of where it’s spotted.  All-Wheel Drive and a 16 Valve Turbo- what’s not to love?

Did we forget to include something?  Check out the full gallery here, and let us know what we missed in the comments below.

Stay tuned for our next “Best of” piece tomorrow, where we put the focus on Mk3s.