Best of H2O International- Mk3

H2O International has come and gone, bringing the Northeast’s traditional show season to a close.  We’re taking a fond look back at the cars, people and atmosphere which made this year’s H2O International one of the best ever.  Let’s keep it going with what we feel were the best Mk3s of the event.


With its full respray, air suspension, custom interior complete with the dashboard from an Audi TT, and shaved engine bay, this Mk3 was one of the most complete builds we’ve seen in a while.  Further proof that the Top Dawg judging was not an easy task.


Located front and center in the Orchid Euro/Performance VW booth (and for good reason), this Mk3 pulled off the motorsport theme well, with a color matched roll cage, cleaned up engine bay and seats straight out of a shifter kart.


This Harlequin Golf packed a punch with a VR6 swap, but even more impressive was the S4 interior swap.


This Mk3 GTI wasn’t featured in Top Dawg, but it easily could have been.  Airbag suspension, BBS RS wheels, a fully shaved engine bay and VRT power made this car a standout.


Back in the Top Dawg area, this Mk3 looked incredible with a fully polished and turbocharged VR6, CCW Wheels, Recaro Seats and a host of other modifications inside and out.


We spotted this Mk3, which was previously featured during our Waterfest coverage, in the exhibition area of Fort Whaley.  The longer we stared, the more we noticed, and that’s a good thing.


Don’t think we forgot about this twin turbo longitudinally-mounted VR6 Jetta.  Because having two turbos sometimes just isn’t enough, the car has been completely gutted and fitted with a color-matched roll cage.

Did we forget to include something?  Check out the full gallery here, and let us know what we missed in the comments below.

Stay tuned for our next “Best of” piece on Monday, where we put the focus on Mk4s.