Best of H2O International- Mk4

H2O International has come and gone, bringing the Northeast’s traditional show season to a close.  We’re taking a fond look back at the cars, people and atmosphere which made this year’s H2O International one of the best ever.  Let’s keep it going with what we feel were the best Mk4s of the event.


This GTI had one of the cleanest bays we’ve ever seen.  Combine that with a custom interior and an extremely cool air install, and the car is quite deserving of its  ‘best of’ spot.


We’re suckers for brown, and this Mk4 pulled off the color well.  The color change was just the beginning of this car’s transformation though.


This Jetta was featured in the Top Dawg area, boasting big power under hood and aggressively flared arches.  A second look at the car revealed a host of interior and exterior touches to help accentuate the motorsport theme.


Clean and simple is probably the best way to describe this Mk4, from the interior work to the powder coating work found under its (missing) hood.


With a fresh respray, this formerly matte-wrapped R32 showed how much a color change can transform the looks of a car.


By far the most thoroughly modified Mk4 in attendance, this Mk4 has a standout in the Top Dawg competition.