Best of H2O International- Mk5

H2O International has come and gone, bringing the Northeast’s traditional show season to a close.  We’re taking a fond look back at the cars, people and atmosphere which made this year’s H2O International one of the best ever.  Let’s keep it going with what we feel were the best Mk5s of the event.


Not something you see every day, this Mk5 GTI was the recipient of a VR6 swap, full respray and reupholstered interior.  Add on Air Suspension and OZ Futura wheels, and you get one hell of a package.


Sometimes less is more.  This 5 Door with an extremely clean Air-Suspension install and 3-piece Porsche Phone Dials pulled the subtle look off quite well.


Unlike the previous car, this was one of the most over-the-top Mk5s we’ve ever seen.  While the widebody might not be for everyone, 2.5L Audi TFSI power is something that we can all get behind.


The owner of this TDI Cup Edition took the OEM+ look to an extreme with a full Mk6 Golf R front end swap.  Combine that with red BBS LM wheels and you get a package that was guaranteed to stand out.


Offering a clear departure from the air bagged cars was this Mk5 GTI with its carbon fiber hood, flares and adjustable splitters.  The tires showed signs of heat-cycling, proving to everyone that it gets used hard.


Let’s call this one a blend.  Air Suspension, wide 3-piece, Image wheels, subtle silver accents, and bolt-on flares made this Mk5 grab our attention.

Did we forget to include something?  Check out the full gallery here, and let us know what we missed in the comments below.

Stay tuned for our next “Best of” piece tomorrow, where we put the focus on Mk6s.