Gallery: The Best of Waterfest (Saturday)

While Sunday marks the main show day at Waterfest, in Englishtown, New Jersey, it is indeed truly a two-day event. Saturday brings out all of the vendors, and the racing gets underway as well. Once the sun starts to set on Saturday evening though, all attention moves to the Afterfest event.

As a way to bring some of the often not-quite-legal, unsanctioned fun of past years into a safer and more controlled environment, the Afterfest offers a chance to showcase some of the best cars, and also have a ton of fun doing it. There’s a car limbo contest, a burn out pit, DJs, and more – and yes, this does seem aimed solidly at the youth segment of the show attendees.

The gents from Eurokracy in Quebec are behind the evening’s revelry, with a New Jersey based local MC operating the microphone keeping everyone updated on who’s doing what in their lowered, or tire smoking, vehicles.

Check out the photos for a peek at the Afterfest’s proceedings.