Gallery: Wortherseetreffen, in Town Pt. 1

We’re back with more photos from Worthersee, and today we’re focusing on the main show. The event takes up a lot of space and spins off in numerous directions, but the core is still in Maria-Worth, a small town that’s effectively entirely taken over by VWs. 

As ever the show was full of classic Golfs (this is a show to celebrate the GTI, after all) and some highly modified newer fare, as well. The more modern stuff seems to have been taken by the same touring car fever that VW is cashing in on with the TCR Concept. Still low and wide, the aesthetic seems to have moved away from ludicrous camber toward ludicrous box-flares.

Unfortunately, one of the weirder European trends (cars wrapped to look like candy bars) is underrepresented here, too. Fortunately, there’s a Miyazaki-style cartoon girl on the hood of one of the cars to satisfy your weirdo-Euro tastes.

Check back in with us tomorrow when we’ll have another set of shots from Maria-Worth tomorrow and check out yesterday’s mainstage gallery today. 

[photos by Jamie Orr]