The Top 10 Car Colors of H2Oi 2016

For all the time we spend on wheels and stance and euro lights and all the fine details that make a car look good, one of the most dominant visual aspects of a car is its color. Car shows are a rainbow, so here, for your consideration, are 10 of our favorite colors of H2O International 2016.

Helios Blue – Only 1,500 Jettas were sold in this color in the USA, all in 1989. Other cars have sneaked through over the years, such as the A1-platform Cabriolet, and a one-off by VW in 2013. The factory matching blue stripe Recaro seats were a nice touch too.


Miami Blue – Probably one of the most quintessential colors for the Mk1 Golf/Rabbit. This particular car still wears its original factory paint having covered just 24,000 miles from new.


Yellow (but not paint) – Wraps and Dips have become massively popular over the last few years, with lots of different finishes and lots of different success rates. This yellow Mk1 Rabbit’s look was spot on – it was wrapped using 3M 1080 Bright Yellow vinyl, by SinusBuilt.


Chalkboard – Nothing brings out smiles from children, and curse words written by grown adults, like a chalkboard paint covered car. Good for laughs and crowd participation? Almost definitely. Good for resale value? Probably not so much. Check out the spray cans at your local hardware store if you want to recreate this look on your own ride.


Mars Red – Is it red? Is it Orange? Rorange maybe? Like white, every manufacturer seems to have their own hue of red. Volkswagen’s Tornado Red has been on a lot more models than Mars Red, but this car shows how great it can be. Even after 31 years, this color still pops and gets people looking and talking – usually about whether it’s more orange or more red.


Violet Touch – Full disclosure.. This is my own car. Am I biased? Heck yeah! Is it still a great color? Of course it is! Originally made famous on the 1992 VW Polo G40 models, I reported on it being used on a 2016 model earlier this year and chose to use BASF Glasurit paints to put the latest version of the color on my Caddy Van USA project.


Four for the price of one! Pistachio Green / Tornado Red / Ginster Yellow / Chagall Blue – Can’t decide on one color? Why not do as Volkswagen did in 1996 and choose four different options for one vehicle. But even when the Germans get silly, it’s got to be within reason – each panel follows a strict map for which color goes where. Bonus nerd fact? One of the colors (Pistachio) wasn’t sold in the USA, except on the panels on this small run of cars.


Peach – We’re not sure how many cars could pull of being painted peach, but this classically styled Mk1 Golf from the guys at Unix in Quebec puts up a good fight for it to be seen more often. The owner Remi, reports that this specific paint was custom made and is called ‘Corail’.


Viper Green – It’s not just that we like this color, we love the fact that it exists in the way that it does. Audi will let you purchase a limited edition S3 Exclusive Edition in this eye popping green, or… to have almost any model painted in almost any color you’d like. There are 80 pre-approved hues available, but they’ll try to match your order to just about anything.


‘Anvil’ – Greyish/Blueish/Greenish, just when you’ve think you’ve got this color figured out, the light changes and so does the paint. It doesn’t change drastically like a flip paint, but just enough to get people talking. Rather like Audi Nardo Gray, it’s not matte, but it’s not super gloss either. No matter, it looks awesome on this Mk4 GTI.