Waterfest: The Classics

Waterfest 2016 has come and gone, but the sweet pics remain. Thanks to Jamie Orr’s keen eye and deep love of all things Volkswagen we have excellent coverage of the festival.

This year, we’re starting with the classics. Unfortunately, reports Jamie, the weekend did get a little soggy thanks to “torrential rains that [turned] the blacktop into one massive, fast moving river and cleared the crowds out.” But on the plus side the morning  had been beautiful and Sunday dried everyone off.

The classic VWs on hand at this year’s Waterfest were pretty clean, with a lot less of the rat rod, mad-max vibe that we saw in Montreal at Eurokracy.

Among the clean classics, there are some simply modified ones that have some stance and shaved engine bays. Living up to Germany’s Bauhaus history, these are more focused on clean, minimalist mods than wild and crazy stuff. Still, though, it’s a VW show, so there are one or two crazy cars (looking at you suicide-door Mk1).

Enjoy the pictures and let us know what you like best.