Worthersee 2014’s 10 Best- Volkswagen Golf 2 / Jetta 2 Builds

Worthersee 2014 was one for the recordbooks.  Coming in at roughly six times larger than Waterfest, there was plenty to see and do around the lakeside town of Reifnitz during the roughly two week invasion of cars manufactured by the Volkswagen Group.  To streamline things a bit, we have gone through our nearly two thousand photos to bring you the best of the best.

Due to popular demand, here is our list of the best second generation Volkswagen Golf and Jetta models in attendance in no particular order.


Spotted in the town of Reifnitz by our own George Achorn during day 14 of our coverage, this Mk2 Golf had shaved doorhandles, custom painted 3DSM wheels, custom upholstered Recaro Seats up front and matching rear bench, and a badgeless grille.


Also seen on day 14, this red Rallye Golf featured BBS RS wheels with perfect offsets, and a few other subtle touches making it of the “less is more” variety.


Way back on day 2, Si Gray had a chance to do a proper shoot of this Mk2 Golf in a Deutsche Post livery with BBS RS wheels.


It was day 5 when Si Gray found this red 16 valve GTI with extremely cool (and period correct) BBS Turbofans and a nice drop.  We have serious wheel envy.


Quite possibly the nicest Mk2 in attendance, this example was spotted on day 3 with BBS RS wheels and a host of extremely subtle touches that made it really stand out.


Spotted on day 14 by George Achorn, this Mk2 sported an extremely aggressive hood bulge (possibly taken from a Lancia Delta Integrale) and equally aggressive BBS CH-R Wheels.  Unfortunately the owner was not around to give us a peak under the hood.


On day 9, Si Gray found this Jetta Coupe looking quite sharp (yes, we know the door paint doesn’t quite match).  It’s surprising that there aren’t more Jetta Coupes at Worthersee, really.


This Mk2 was seen by Si Gray on day 4 looking extremely clean and well-executed on Ronal Race wheels.


On day 11, Si Gray caught this Mk2 in town with chrome BBS wheels, and a laundry list of upgrades and body modifications.


Also seen on day 11 this Mk2 had BBS RS wheels, custom brown paint and a fully chromed and color matched engine bay finished off with a big turbo.

Be sure to check out all of our Mk2 photos from Worthersee here, and let us know if we missed anything.