Wörthersee 2016: Passat-Jetta Superthread

Despite it having been the 40th anniversary of the GTI and the Golf having taken a lot of the attention, this year’s Wortherseetreffen was the meeting place for all kinds of Volkswagens. Today we’re taking a look at the Passat and the Jetta. Volskwagen’s sedan offerings have been available in one form or another for about 40 years and in that time they’ve become staples of brand. Although they get less attention than the Golf, both have their dedicated followings and both were well represented at this year’s treffen.

Here’s a selection of our favorites:


There’s something about a German car from the late ’70s and early ’80s wearing BBS rims that just looks right. This dark red Jetta is nicely accented by its white wheels, but the best detail, as keen eyed readers have no doubt already noticed, is the era-appropriate beaded seat cushion. A fine example of the car that in its day was the best-selling European car in America.


Low, long, and sleek. This B2 Passat is clearly a product of the ‘80s, but somehow doesn’t look dated. Maybe that’s because it’s been lowered and painted black, but it still looks like the car that Death drove back in his coke days. Not exactly a common car, but this fine example is all the sweeter for its rarity.


Like the Mk1 Golf, the B1 was designed by Giugiaro, and like the Mk1 it’s a design that has aged very well. This orange example is tastefully modified to look fresh, but not anachronistic.


The neo-rat rod is quickly becoming a staple of the tuning world and we couldn’t be happier. The look might be inspired by the drifting world or maybe it’s a Mad-Maxian homage, but either way these low budget, no-phoques-given designs are a welcome counterpoint to the expensive, microfiber-cloth-bearing world of perfect OEM restorations (another valuable, if limiting side of car culture). This Jetta fits right into the neo-rat rod aesthetic and we couldn’t like it more.


When the Passat CC first came out, no one could quite believe that it was a Volkswagen, which is ridiculous considering the brand’s rich history of stunning designs. Admittedly, though, its appearance is considerably more luxurious than we’ve come to expect from the people’s car. This CC works with that theme, adding Bentley rims and golden paint. And it’s lowered for good measure.

Tell us all about how much you liked our choices today and how brilliant we are in comments, and take a look through our gallery of Passats and Jettas at the top.