Worthersee 2016: The Middle Marques (3, 4, and 5)

Today we’re covering a lot of ground with a gallery of Golfs Mk3, 4, and 5. The middle years aren’t to everyone’s tastes, but each Mk has its own charm that gives it devoted fans. The cars are eminently modifiable and track the Golf’s progression into the modern car we know and love today.

Here are five of our favorites:


This Harlequin made it all the way from Pennsylvania to be at Wörthersee, and is a fine example of the rare breed. Only 264 of these multicolored Golfs were ever produced and they were only sold in North America, so seeing one in Austria is a treat.


The Golf R, which until recently was the most powerful Golf money could buy, started with the Mk4 R32. Everything from adding power, to 4WD, to giving it a luxurious interior was thought of here. This example, with its lovely stance captures the excellence of the Mk4 design, with modern touches.


Although it perhaps wasn’t the best looking Golf ever produced, according to some, the Mk5 did  make the best GTI. It is therefore the responsibility of tuners and builders to highlight all of the Mk5’s finest qualities, like this one does. The red chin spoiler highlights the car’s strong jaw, and the paint scheme shows just how flowing this car’s design really was.


The word clean, immediately springs to mind. The flushness of the back wheels, the already tidy lines of the Mk3, the simplified grille, and the flash of color from on the wheels all combine to make a very good looking Golf.


And let’s not forget that Volkswagen made some pretty good looking cars from the factory. I like a modified machine as much as the next guy, but sometimes it’s nice to take a minute to stare at a great design that came straight from the factory, like this Mk4 GTI from the Volkswagen stage at Wörthersee.

As always, take a minute to look through our gallery above and let us know what your favorites were.