AUTObiography: 1990 Corrado G60

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Next up we have Nathan D’s 1990 Corrado, only the seventh car built that year.


How long have you owned this car? Since September 2009.
Is there anything unique about the history of this car? Yes, this is the #7 Corrado produced for the model year 1990 with 83,321 miles. And the original owner whom I purchased this from was also military.
What drew you to this specific car? My first Corrado was a 91 G60 LA9V Brilliant Charcoal Metallic with black leather, so naturally I had to have another that color or black.
What other cars did you consider? None! I searched for 7 years straight for this exact car!
What was your objective with this car? I am a machinist and welder, so definitely to build my vision.
What tuning style would you describe this car as? Initially I wanted to be motorsports, but now I just consider it a very quick street car.
Who helped you build this car? Credit due below, for the most part I built nearly everything on this car myself, engine, custom engine mounts, custom shift tower/box, intake manifold, Turbo inlet, intercooler setup, standalone wiring et cetera. I’ve forgotten more than I can remember!
What makes your car special? It’s a reflection of me. Imperfect but a constant work in progress.
What is your favorite part/feature/function? The engine. It’s very smooth and deceitfully quick even on low boost/compression.
Who or what inspired the direction of modifications on this car? Jason aka Vdubspeed. His car Blue an AEB swapped 79 Rabbit from hell!
What don’t you like about this car? The ST coilovers. They are too soft for my taste and the lack of a/c.
What was your biggest obstacle in building this car? Time. From 2009-2013 I was out of the U.S. 2.5 years deployed.

How did you overcome the issue? Dedication! And pure love for this project (lots of weekends/late nights).
What would you change if you could? I would not have deleted A/C!
On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with the outcome of this project? 8.5
What would you do to the car if money were no object? That’s easy, a GRC engine and sequential box.
Who has been your biggest critic of this project? My cousin.
What do your family and friends say about this car? My parents love what I have built, and my friends always want to go cruise.
What is your most memorable/humorous/embarrassing moment with this car? The right front ball joint bolts sheering off. That was fun! Vdubspeed rescued me there too.
What is your favorite story about this car? Being able to drive it with my good friends at SoWo 2015 despite the shenanigans.
Has this car competed in any events? No.
What is your favorite place to drive this car? Back country, preferably curvy roads or mountain passes. Or local C+C.
What is your ideal day with this car? Driving through the Blueridge parkway with a select few friends and no other traffic on a sunny day.
Who gets to drive this car? Only me.
What was your previous project? Supercharged 03 GLI 24V
What is your next project? Already in work: a MK1 Scirocco 1.8t swap
What one word best describes your car? Fahrvergnügen!
Any regrets? Tell us about it. Yes. Ditching A/C and not putting in an O2M from the get go.
Anything else you’d like to share? Fahrvergnügen is life. I grew up in the late 80’s early 90’s riding shotgun in dads 83 silver GTI.
Owner Information:
Name- Nathan D.
Address- N.C.
VWvortex Username- G_Lader_91
Instagram Username- Nathan_Corrado_20VT
Occupation- Aircraft Machinist/Welder
Club Affiliations- SCCA ‘Merica

Vehicle Information:
Year- 1990
Make- VW
Model- Corrado G60
Mileage- 82,321
Color (Include original if applicable)- Black 041
Engine- 2.0 AEB
Engine Modifications- AEG Crank, I.E. Rods, Wiseco 8:1 Pistons, ARP hardware, custom block girdle. Calico main and Con-Rod bearings. BW EFR6258 Ported Turbo, 1200cc injectors Megasquirt 3 Pro Standalone
Exhaust Modifications- 3″ turbo back Custom Made to 18″ Magnaflow.
Transmission Modifications- APtuning O2A/J with Quaife LSD Current, O2M Swap in progress.
Suspension Modifications- ST Coilovers and F/R Swaybars
Brake Modifications- Euro G60 Calipers and Slotted/drilled EBC Rotors. Hawk HPS pads
Wheels and Tires- ESM 001’s. 17×8 wrapped in General Exclaim UHP Z rated
Exterior/Body Modifications- E-Codes and 90MM euro lip
Interior Modifications- Drivers seat lowered and bracket lengthened. Factory power belts deleted and 5 point harness installed.
Audio/Video- All deleted. Just a single din for my wallet.
Thanks/Props- Huge shout out to Jason Aka Vdubspeed for buying me the donor car, my good friends Derek and Tom for helping me get things organized when I got off track and to my CA-18 Nissan buddy Brent who helped me sort the standalone wiring and get an initial tune on the car to make it streetable