Get More VWvortex Volkswagen News & Features First on Facebook

Volkswagen enthusiast readers of VWvortex have commented to us that they don’t always see our content on Facebook. There are reasons for this that we’ll comment upon below, but the short reason for this is that our posting stories often on an hourly basis actually serves to hurt our Facebook distribution. Fortunately, we’ve found a workaround that will help you prioritize our content, or any content you want to make sure to see for that matter.

We’ll explain the details of the way this works on Facebook next, but if you want to skip straight to how to how to implement these changes so as not to miss our posts, simply jump ahead to  “A New Way to Give our Volkswagen Content More Priority in Your Facebook Feed” found down below.

Why You Might Not Be Seeing our Volkswagen Enthusiast Content on Facebook
There’s no doubt that Facebook has become a significant player in most anyone’s online viewing habits. Where once web browsing meant time consuming discovery through links and search engines, today we get content displayed to us on a wall based on things we “like” or things posted by friends. It may not be the most perfect system, but it is highly efficient.

One problem with the wall style flow style of internet consumption, particularly on Facebook, is the sheer amount of content one might see if the social media giant simply showed us everything we’ve subscribed to or our friends were commenting on. To keep it streamlined and interesting, they’ve got all sorts of logic algorithms that decide what you like. And, while that’s largely quite effective, it does mean that some content you may actually want to see isn’t getting delivered to you… even if you chose to follow it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 12.04.13 PM

Volkswagen enthusiasts interested in our content don’t always see our content tailor made for them. We’ve battled this a bit by doing daily galleries of stories from the day before published on Facebook every morning at around 9AM EST, but it’s not a foolproof plan.

A New Way to Give our Volkswagen Content More Priority in Your Facebook Feed
Recently we noticed a way to give content of a particular fan page higher priority on your Facebook wall feed. If you go to our Facebook Fan Page HERE (or any Facebook Fan Page whose content you don’t want to miss), simply mouse over the Liked button. Here, you’ll find two options worth considering.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 12.02.55 PM

One is not so new, the other appears to have just been added. These are:

Get Notifications – with ‘Get Notifications’, you’ll be alerted in your notifications flow (what you see when you click on the globe icon in the Facebook’s blue nav bar or on your mobile phone). Each new post by that site, in this case VWvortex, will go into your notifications and let you know when we’ve published some late-breaking Volkswagen news, show coverage, a Volkswagen road test, etc.

See First – We’ve just noticed the ‘See First’ function in the last few weeks and have experimented with it. Clicking this option, VWvortex’s latest Volkswagen posts are displayed near the top of our feed every time you log in so you definitely see them first and foremost. For the serious Volkswagen enthusiast or corporate/dealer professional who doesn’t want to miss anything and wants to see it ASAP, this is a great new tool.