Formula 3: Leclerc and Giovinazzi Score Wins in Hockenheim

  • Six podium places and 15 top ten finishes for drivers ‘powered by Volkswagen’
  • Third race win for Leclerc and first for Giovinazzi in Baden-Württemberg
  • Thrilling battles for the lead over the second Formula 3 European Championship weekend

With a haul of two wins and six podium finishes, the up-and-coming drivers ‘powered by Volkswagen’ were again successful over the second weekend of racing in the Formula 3 European Championship in Hockenheim. Charles Leclerc of Monaco (Van Amersfoort Racing) had every reason to be happy this weekend, winning the third race on Sunday evening after having come second in race 2 and third in race 1. Antonio Giovinazzi of Italy (Jagonya Ayam with Carlin) performed well too, winning the first race on 1 May and finishing in third place in the subsequent two races. As such, he remains at the top of the leader board in the Formula 3 European Championship.

Leclerc demonstrated his racing skills during Sunday’s wet conditions, attacking the front-runner and pole sitter Felix Rosenqvist (Dallara-Mercedes) during lap 13. Leclerc performed an audacious but clean manoeuvre to draw level with the Swede coming out of the hairpin bend and subsequently took the lead – which he maintained until he saw the black and white chequered flag on lap 22. This is already the second win of the season for the 17-year-old rookie, adding to his success in the season opener in Silverstone.

Giovinazzi was undeterred by three safety car phases on the 4.574-kilometre Hockenheimring and scored his first win of the season in the first race on Friday. It was once again Rosenqvist in pole position who initially took the lead. However, this only lasted for half a lap, as Giovinazzi succeeded in overtaking him and then held on to the lead until the finishing line. Rosenqvist clinched a start-to-finish victory in the second race on Saturday, followed by Leclerc in second place and Giovinazzi in third. Markus Pommer (D) of Motopark made a good impression at his home race – the 24-year-old came seventh in both the first and third race, and scored twelve championship points.

In addition to two race wins, the up-and-coming drivers with 225 hp engines made in Wolfsburg racked up a tally of six podium places and 15 top ten finishes in Hockenheim. With Giovinazzi on 106 points overall – a mere five points ahead of Leclerc on 101 – it will be interesting to see what happens over the next weekend of racing in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship in Pau, France, on 15 to 17 May.

Quotes, FIA Formula 3 European Championship in Hockenheim

Charles Leclerc (MC), Van Amersfoort Racing; Dallara-Volkswagen #7
“It’s not been a bad weekend as I have visited the three steps of the podium. I hadn’t expected such great results when I arrived here, as this was the first time I raced on this track. But we did a solid job in practice and from there we kept improving the car and my driving. Even though the conditions weren’t easy, we’re ultimately going back home with a good amount of points, which is good for the championship. A big ‘thank you’ to my team Van Amersfoort for a great job.”

Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Jagonya Ayam with Carlin, Dallara-Volkswagen #3
“In such wet conditions, the first race was anything but easy. Initially, I tried to overtake Felix as soon as I could, because you simply have a better view in the rain when you are in the lead. The first two safety car interventions didn’t really help me and Felix put me more and more under pressure as the race went on. I managed to bring victory home and I am happy.”

Overall standings after 6 out of 33 races, FIA Formula 3 European Championship

1. Antonio Giovinazzi, 106 points; 2. Charles Leclerc, 101; 3. Felix Rosenqvist, 92; 4. Jake Dennis, 46; 5. George Russell, 41; 6. Lance Stroll, 36; 7. Maximilian Günther, 34; 8. Alexander Albon, 34; 9. Markus Pommer, 28; 10. Gustavo Menezes, 25; 11. Mikkel Jensen, 18; 12. Brandon Maisano, 17; 13. Callum Ilott, 14; 14. Santino Ferrucci, 10; 15. Pietro Fittipaldi, 4.


FIA Formula 3 European Championship in Hockenheim
Race 1
01. Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Dallara-Volkswagen 16 laps in 35m 33.962s
02. Felix Rosenqvist (S), Dallara-Mercedes + 0.228s
03. Charles Leclerc (MC), Dallara-Volkswagen + 0.793s
07. Markus Pommer (D), Dallara-Volkswagen + 5.697s
10. Gustavo Menezes (USA), Dallara-Volkswagen + 8.769s
12. George Russell (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 10.488s
13. Callum Ilott (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 10.666s
14. Alexander Albon (T), Dallara-Volkswagen + 12.069s
16. Arjun Maini (IND), Dallara-Volkswagen + 14.192s
18. Sérgio Sette Câmara (BR), Dallara-Volkswagen + 18.998s
20. Sam Macleod (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 20.763s.
21. Dorian Boccolacci (F), Dallara-Volkswagen + 21.806s
23. Nabil Jeffri (MAL), Dallara-Volkswagen + 23.952s
25. Mahaveer Raghunathan (IND), Dallara-Volkswagen + 24.923s
Ryan Tveter (USA), Dallara-Volkswagen DNF
Tatiana Calderón (CO), Dallara-Volkswagen DNF
Alessio Lorandi (I), Dallara-Volkswagen DNF
Race 2
01. Felix Rosenqvist (S), Dallara-Mercedes 22 laps in 34m 17.939s
02. Charles Leclerc (MC), Dallara-Volkswagen + 9.065s
03. Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Dallara-Volkswagen + 12.888s
05. Callum Ilott (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 21.924s
07. Gustavo Menezes (USA), Dallara-Volkswagen + 31.552s
08. Alexander Albon (T), Dallara-Volkswagen + 32.172s
09. George Russell (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 33.082s
17. Markus Pommer (D), Dallara-Volkswagen + 52.948s
19. Sam Macleod (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 54.984s
21. Tatiana Calderón (CO), Dallara-Volkswagen + 55.816s
22. Nabil Jeffri (MAL), Dallara-Volkswagen + 58.217s
26. Sérgio Sette Câmara (BR), Dallara-Volkswagen + 1m 04.807s
30. Alessio Lorandi (I), Dallara-Volkswagen + 1m 27.960s
31. Mahaveer Raghunathan (IND), Dallara-Volkswagen + 1 lap
32. Dorian Boccolacci (F), Dallara-Volkswagen + 1 lap
Ryan Tveter (USA), Dallara-Volkswagen DNF
Arjun Maini (IND), Dallara-Volkswagen DNF
Race 3
01. Charles Leclerc (MC), Dallara-Volkswagen 18 laps in 36m 03.129s
02. Felix Rosenqvist (S), Dallara-Mercedes + 2.998s
03. Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Dallara-Volkswagen + 7.136s
07. Markus Pommer (D), Dallara-Volkswagen + 13.351s
09. Alexander Albon (T), Dallara-Volkswagen + 15.367s
10. Callum Ilott (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 15.788s
11. Gustavo Menezes (USA), Dallara-Volkswagen + 16.517s
12. Dorian Boccolacci (F), Dallara-Volkswagen + 18.490s
13. Arjun Maini (IND), Dallara-Volkswagen + 20.351s
14. Sam Macleod (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 20.837s
18. George Russell (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen + 23.234s
20. Ryan Tveter (USA), Dallara-Volkswagen + 23.883s
22. Nabil Jeffri (MAL), Dallara-Volkswagen + 25.256s
25. Tatiana Calderón (CO), Dallara-Volkswagen + 26.920s
27. Sérgio Sette Câmara (BR), Dallara-Volkswagen + 28.869s
30. Mahaveer Raghunathan (IND), Dallara-Volkswagen + 32.648s
Alessio Lorandi (I), Dallara-Volkswagen DNF