GRC: Coverage Returns to NBC and NBCSN in 2016

Red Bull Global Rallycross and NBC Sports Group are pleased to announce that Red Bull GRC coverage will once again return to NBC and NBCSN in 2016. For the second consecutive season, NBC will broadcast live coverage of all 2016 GRC Supercar races. In addition, NBCSN will telecast encore presentations of Supercar races and live coverage of all GRC Lites races.

“NBC Sports Group has been one of our most valued partners for the past few years as we have continued to expand and grow the Red Bull GRC brand,” said Red Bull GRC CEO Colin Dyne. “With competitive broadcast windows, unmatched production values, and a keen eye for storytelling, they truly are the best in the business. We’re greatly looking forward to expanding our presence on the NBC Sports Group family platforms this year.”

“NBC Sports is very pleased with the success of Red Bull Global Rallycross,” said Gary Quinn, Vice President, Programming, NBC Sports Group. “We are excited to expand our coverage, and look forward to serving as the television partner of Global Rallycross for the 2016 season.”

More information on the 2016 Red Bull GRC season, including venue details and where to buy tickets, will be available in the coming weeks at

2016 Red Bull Global Rallycross Supercar Broadcast Schedule

 Broadcast   Date  Time (ET)   Network   Event
 1  May 22  2:00 PM  NBCSN  Phoenix, AZ
 2  June 4  2:30 PM  NBC  Dallas, TX
 3  June 19  3:00 PM  NBC  Daytona Beach, FL
 4  July 2  5:00 PM  NBC  The Base
 5  July 3  5:00 PM  NBC  The Base
 6  July 30  2:00 PM  NBC  Washington, DC
 7  August 28  3:00 PM  NBC  TBA
 8  September 18  1:30 PM  NBC  Seattle, WA
 9  October 9  3:00 PM  NBC  Los Angeles, CA

2016 GRC Lites Broadcast Schedule

 Broadcast   Date  Time (ET)   Network   Event
 1  May 25  4:30 PM  NBCSN  Phoenix, AZ
 2  June 8  4:30 PM  NBCSN  Dallas, TX
 3  June 22  4:30 PM  NBCSN  Daytona Beach, FL
 4  July 6  4:30 PM  NBCSN  The Base
 5  August 24  4:30 PM  NBCSN  Washington, DC
 6  September 1  4:30 PM  NBCSN  TBA
 7  September 21  4:30 PM  NBCSN  Seattle, WA
 8  October 12  4:00 PM  NBCSN  Los Angeles, CA