Volkswagen Score Wins in World Rallycross Qualifying

The second round of the FIA’s World Rallycross Championship is well on its way, and already Volkswagen’s Johan Kristoffersson has earned himself two race wins in qualifying (contradictory statements to be sure, but all will become clear).

For only the second time in WRX history, this weekend’s racing takes place at the Hockenheimring in Germany, so Volkswagen is looking to finish well for their homecoming race. The track is about 0.8 miles long and features a 60/40 mix of asphalt to gravel.


Since the track is so short, the racers can’t all fit onto the circuit at once to run individual qualifying laps, like in Formula 1. Instead they race five-at-a-time in qualifying heats and the best lap times are recorded that way. As the weekend wears on the grid is whittled down until the quarter and semi finals can decide the lineup for the final race.

In Heat 1, Kristoffersson, racing in his Polo RX Supercar, finished fourth overall, despite winning his race. Then, in Heat 2, he finished first overall, again winning his race.

There are points awarded at the end of every heat, but the scoring system can’t be understood by mere mortals. What is important about the very complicated scoring system, though, is that it awards points all weekend long, not just at the final race. So strong qualifying pace is important.

At the last round in Portugal, for instance, Kristoffersson was quick all weekend, finishing well in the qualifying races, but crashed out (read was knocked off track by a maniac) of the final race. Despite that, after all the points were tallied by the warlocks who understand the scoring system, he came out of the weekend tied for second place in the season standings.

Winning at the German race, though, seems to be on Kristoffersson’s mind.

“We now have to be cunning and can not make any stupid mistakes,” he says, very maturely. “If a victory is possible, I will of course do everything possible to retract this,” he concludes, slightly less maturely.

You can watch the racing live on BeIN Sports in the States, or catch up later on YouTube, or better yet come back here for our recap early next week.