VW Takes First and Second at Indy Rallycross

It was Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross’s home race this weekend at the Lucas Oil Speedway, near Indianapolis, and the Beetles didn’t disappoint hogging the podium with a perfect one-two finish.

Ultimately, it was Scott Speed who took the checkered flag, earning himself some much-needed points in the process.

Coming into the weekend, Speed was in third place, behind leader Tanner Foust and second place Steve Arpin (driving a Ford Fiesta). The gap between second and third was small, though, so Speed knew that the Canadian Ford driver was well within reach.


Sure enough, the defending champ had a near perfect weekend, winning every heat he entered and setting fast laps all weekend. No easy feat since this was the series’ first time at the track, which started on a banked oval, then ran through the infield for the dirt portion.

Foust, meanwhile, had a harder time this weekend. Equally performant, his heats seemed to constantly put him up against Arpin, who wouldn’t let him get a clean race.

In Sunday’s first heat, Foust and Arpin made contact, sending Foust back into third. By the second corner, though, the former Top Gear host had wrestled his way back into first. The move that got him there, though, was deemed too aggressive, and so Foust was given a three-second penalty, sending him back down into third (all calculated after the race, which he won).


Later in the day, Foust and Arpin diced again, this time in their semi-final heat. Foust took off early, but a mistake going into the infield meant that Arpin took the lead. None too pleased, Foust got right back behind the Ford.

The two switched places again, then once more, until finally Foust took his Joker Lap (a section of track that takes more time that all drivers must finish once before the race is over) and could outrun Arpin and the Ford in clean air, which came out of its joker behind the Beetle.

That result meant that the two Beetles were in first and second going into the final, with Speed taking the inside lane. He wouldn’t make any mistakes, eventually finishing the race well clear of the pack, ahead of Foust who had built his own gap by the time the race was over.

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To celebrate the win at home, and in front of their team principal, Michael Andretti, the two Beetles indulged in some smoky burnouts, a rare treat from Speed, who is not known such displays.

The drivers are back in action in a month’s time, racing in Atlantic City.