VW’s Polo WRC Might Not Even Be Allowed to Race

Following Volkswagen’s surprise decision to exit the World Rally Championship late last year, it was revealed that the automaker wanted to homologate the Polo R WRC so that a privateer team could race the car. Now, though, the other teams have raised concerns about the Polo, making the car even less likely to hit the dirt this year.

The WRC’s teams met with the FIA today in Monte Carlo to discuss allowing the Polo R WRC to race this season. While some teams were perfectly alright with homologating the car, others felt that VW didn’t abide by the WRC’s rules.

“At the moment, as the regulation is written, it’s not possible,” said Michel Nandan, Hyundai’s team principal, according to Motorsport.com. “I have nothing against Volkswagen, but for me it’s a bit strange that this big decision came and then suddenly they need to homologate the car.”

polo r wrc

Others however, like Toyota’s Tommi Makinen, felt that the more cars the better for the series. “Our feeling  is that the championship is stronger  together and if we are more teams we are even stronger.”

No final decisions were reached at the meeting, but that means that the Polo R WRC will not be homologated right now.

Regardless, the question of who would even run the car remains. Late last year a Qatari team showed interest in the car, but the deal fell through because of how little time they had to prepare before the first race of the season in Monte Carlo, which starts today.

FIA rally director Jarmo Mahonen now has to discuss the teams meeting with VW, and will set another meeting with the teams to further discuss homologation.

[source: motorsport.com]