Watch: Volkswagen Polo GTI R5’s First Tarmac Tests

The 2018 Polo GTI R5 saw it’s tarmac stage test debut and it’s a cornucopia of sideways action and chirping wastegates.

The first tarmac test day for the new VW rally car took place in the Austrian town of Strallegg. The twisty, windy mountain roads are the perfect place to put the rally Polo through its paces.

Driving in the tests were Austrian rally champion Raimund Baumschlager and VW factory driver Dieter Depping.

The weather wasn’t nice, but it was perfect rally weather. Foggy and rainy, letting the Polo GTI R5 poke its way in and out of the clouds and get sideways on the wet and dirty pavement.

Watch the 268 hp compact rally monster storm through the test stages.