Staffordshire Police Add A6 Allroad and Golf R to the Fleet

Gone are the days of Vauxhall Astras running into flowerpots in Staffordshire now that the local police department has taken delivery of its two newest cars.

Crims will be “very lucky to get away,” says Staffordshire police mechanic Paul Renkevic, after working on the force’s new A6 Allroad and a Golf R.

The new police cars were purchased by the police force after asking officers for their feedback on what they needed out of a police car.

Whereas the A6 Allroad will carry armed officers, the Golf R will remain unmarked. The two cars hint at the reasoning behind the new cars, which is to have vehicles better suited to particular tasks, rather than a one-size fits all approach.

“From our perspective we need a varied fleet – you have tactical vehicles in different locations that must meet different needs,” Sarah Wood, strategic head of transport, told the Stoke Sentinel.

A Ford Kuga, BMW X5, 330 have also been added to the fleet, which now rises to a total of 550 cars for the force.

As is standard for the force, the cars will stay in service until their warranties are up or until they hit 120,000 miles. At that time they can either be handed back to the manufacturer, auctioned, or (as we confidently predict will happen with the Audi and VW) kept on.

[source: Stoke Sentinel]