8 Nerdy Facts About the Golf GTI Rabbit Edition That You Might Have Missed

Friend of the site, Jamie Orr, happened to be in Rhode Island as VW was dropping off a few new Golf GTI Rabbit Editions. The pictures wound up on his Instagram feed, but when he offered to let us post them here, along with a list of the finer details that may have been missed in our other coverage, we jumped at the opportunity. 

1. USA exclusive V-Maxx spoiler:

– previously only fitted on limited European models, and only available on the Rabbit Edition in the USA.

2. Choose your own Rabbit badging:

– Canada will get an exclusive vinyl Rabbit logo installed already, but the USA gets a little more. By working with the Wolfsburg based OEM classic parts division, the USA cars will receive the exact same badge that the Mk4 20th cars came with, AND the red vinyl emblem, AND factory fitting templates so the owner can decide to install one, or both, or keep them as nerd souvenirs.


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3. Rabbit seat labels.

– Do I think they stitched them in upside down? Maybe. Do I think they’re cool? Definitely. Would I buy a car just because of little cloth patches? Nope, but because Cornflower blue..? Yassss

4. The owners get some mail:

– Every US purchaser will get sent a thank you pack (not the official term). It will contain a certificate listing the limited run, the color, the dealer that delivered it etc. Both badges will be in there, as well as a voucher (coupon?) to use for VW Accessories via your dealer of choice.

5. The colors.

– 1,000 Cornflower blue (1st ever use in the USA)

– 1,000 Urano Grey (only on e-Golf and Passat Sport in the USA previously)

– 500 Deep Black

– 500 Pure White


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6. LEDs and things:

– LED lighting package (love it!)

– Driver Assistance package (don’t mind it).

7. 18” Pretoria Wheels (only other appearance in the USA is on the Golf R)

8. Other now-normal stuff and things:

– Golf R brakes

– VAQ Limited slip differential

– Red stitched everything

– Everything black headliner

– the one I sat in had heated seats

– All are 4-door, like all USA Golfs now. The Mk1 Rabbit was sold in 4-door, too, so use that fact to deal with it, if you need to calm your inner nerd rage

– 50% will be 6-speed manual transmission

– 50% will be the 7-speed DSG from the Golf R.

I’ll cover more details and nerd things in the video that will be on YouTube in the future, but for now, that’s a good portion of the Facts and Figures about the USA exclusive version of the USA and Canada only GTI Rabbit Edition


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