Alleged 2019 A6 Photos Leak Before Full Reveal

A trio of purportedly official Audi press photos of the next generation A6 have leaked a week ahead of the car’s official debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

The photos, it must be said, bear all the hallmarks of traditional Audi press photography. The cars are wearing Ingolstadt license plates, are shot at very Audi angles, and have a lot in common with the spy shots we’ve seen so far.

With headlights whose elements look just like the car we’ve spied, a shape that’s just right, and a grille that fits somewhere between the A7 and the A8 (something Audi’s head of design, Mark Lichte, promised), these photos are very convincing.

What we couldn’t quite see under the camo are the sharp character lines on the car’s haunches and along the hood that these images reveal.

Not completely out of character for Audi—the A7, after all, has a few sharp lines of its own—the sharpness of the creases does make it stand out from the rest of the Audi family.

Again, though, that fits with what we’ve heard from Audi leading up to the A6. Lichte promised to put an end to the Russian-doll design of years gone by, and this A6 has just enough unique design details to keep people from confusing it for the A8.


Like the A8, though, the A6 is expected to be capable of level three autonomous driving—which would explain those sensors in the grille—and we’re expecting it to start with the same 340 hp 6-cylinder as the A7.

Unfortunately, we still have to wait a bit before we find out for sure. Keep an eye out next week for Geneva coverage and the full reveal of the A6.