Arteon Emergency Assist Helps Get You Off the Road in One Piece

When it comes, the Volkswagen Arteon will be one of the most advanced vehicles in the brand’s fleet. Since safety is such a priority for drivers, the Arteon will come loaded with tech to keep you out of an accident, including Emergency Assist.

The feature helps get the Arteon off the road and stopped if the driver becomes incapacitated. Emergency Assist is part of a broad system of safety features that are building towards autonomy at VW.

As such, the system must be intelligently designed so that it actually helps drivers without causing an accident or wresting control from an able driver.

The system works like this: the Arteon is constantly monitoring the throttle, brake, and steering wheel and if none of them has been touched in too long, the car uses the brakes to jolt the driver. The jolt is a way to get the driver’s attention, warning them that Emergency Assist will soon take over.

Once the system takes over, the Arteon weaves gently in its lane (with the help of Lane Assist) to alert drivers in other cars to the fact that there is a danger, and moves the car to the right, using the parking sensors to ensure that it isn’t running into anything.

Finally, with the help of ACC, the Arteon slows down and comes safely to a stop.

All of this is accomplished by using the individual features that VW already puts in many other vehicles in concert to perform a new task.