The Atlas Cross Sport Won’t Just be Shorter, It’ll be Higher (Tech) Too

When it’s unveiled later this year, the Atlas Cross Sport will take the familiar Atlas and shave off the edges to make it a little more shapely. Volkswagen will lean on style and, the company revealed today, tech to make it appeal to buyers.

The company revealed that the Cross Sport will show off the latest version of its suite of connected services as well as some of fanciest driver-assist features direct from Germany.

Although the Cross Sport is debuting some of these technologies, they will be available on much of the 2020 lineup.

The Cross Sport will come with the ability to display speed limits, school zones, no-passing zones and more.

It will also offer Traffic Jam Assist, which operates between 0-37 mph and can follow the car ahead at a set distance (much like Adaptive Cruise Control). The system’s party trick, though, is that it can come to a full stop and help keep you centered in your lane.

Volkswagen’s updated Car-Net system, meanwhile, allows you to perform many of the key’s functions from your phone, offers a number of security functions, and can give turn your car into a wifi hotspot.

The first of these functions, called Remote Access, is free (for five years). Through a mobile app, you can lock, unlock, honk, start, and check on your car’s status from your phone.

The Safe & Secure package, which offers emergency assistance, anti-theft alerts, stolen vehicle location, and crash notifications, costs $99/year.

Volkswagen will offer you a free month of wifi (via Verizon), but you’ll have to pay after that.