Audi Gran Turismo Vision Car Teased

One of the neater aspects of the Gran Turismo series is its relationship with automakers who gamefully prepare Vision GT showcars for the game.

The latest has just been teased by Gran Turismo and has been designed by Audi Sport. The outline promises a sleek, low supercar lots of aero elements, including a big ol’ wing.

Intriguingly, the post also hashtags e-Tron, implying that it will be electric.

The car could be a vision of things to come, as Audi and Porsche get to work on a shared electric platform for their “premium cars.”

Together, they will work on a range of electric vehicles and a halo supercar to show upstarts Tesla what the full force of the Volkswagen empire is capable of would be just the ticket to shed electric vehicles’ green, compliance-born reputation.

Previous Vision GT showcars include the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo, the VW GTI Supersport Vision Gran Turismo, and the Peugeot L500R.

Keep an eye out for this sexy Audi visionGT car on April 9, when it’s released to the world.