Audi to Introduce 8 More RS Models by 2018

Audi Sport is planning to double the size of the RS line by early 2018, reports Autocar.

Stephan Winkelmann, head of Audi Sport (formerly Quattro GmbH), didn’t reveal just which Audi models will get the RS treatment, but likely candidates include the A4, A1, and maybe even a more focused R8.

Audi Sport, which handles all RS models and the R8, currently has seven models, including the RS 3, the RS 6, and the TT RS.

The move comes amid a push to grow Audi Sport, which Winkelmann says will see double-digit sales growth this year. Despite that, Winkelmann is adamant that Audi Sport won’t grow more than it can handle.

“There is more to come,” says Winklemann. “But we will remain exclusive.”

[source: Autocar]

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