Audi Reveals 450 HP, V6 Audi S6 and S7

Audi has finally taken the veil off of the S6 and the S7. As was, perhaps, predictable, they’ll all be powered by the same 450 hp, 442 lb-ft, 2.9-liter V6 that powers the RS4 and RS5.

Both models will be equipped with Audi’s 48-volt mild hybrid system making the car use less fuel. Eliminating lag farther will be the electric powered compressor (EPC). This is effectively a little electric supercharger that ensures that forced air is always being fed into the engine.

The system responds within 250 milliseconds and covers engine speeds of up to 1,650 rpm (when the traditional system can take over).

According to Audi, the EPC looks just like a little turbocharger and sits right on top of the engine, in the intake path behind the intercooler. Most of the time it’s completely bypassed, but when air coming into the engine is low, the EPC kicks in and feeds compressed air into the engine.

Farther down under the car, meanwhile, the S’s Quattro AWD systems can funnel up to 85% of the torque to the rear wheels, or up to 70% to the front ones if you need to get yourself out of trouble in a hurry.

The S6 and S7 also come with S sport suspension, designed specifically for them. They come with damping control as standard that can lower the S6 by 20mm and the S7 by 10mm, ultimately giving them both the same ride height.

For the first time, though, they will also be offered with adaptive air suspension. This, says Audi, is about comfort. The reasoning being that you can get down as low as the S suspension, but you can also ride high when the situation calls for it. In auto mode, specifically, the car can rise and fall depending on the speed.

As far as the unsprung stuff is concerned, Audi has tried to keep things as light as possible. Both come with aluminum six-piston calipers and 400mm discs up front and 350mm discs in the back that can be optionally made ceramic to further lower weight.

Although Audi has said that Americans will only have access to the S6 and S7 TFSI, Europeans will have the option of fitting the cars with a diesel TDI engine making 349 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. Which, despite the torque figure, you might be fine living without. What you’ll be less excited about missing out on, though, is the S6 Avant that Audi also revealed.

Although largely the same as the S6 sedan, the Avant will likely not be brought stateside as its name was carefully edited out of the North American section.

Audi has not announced US pricing yet, but in Germany, they are €76,500 for the S6 Sedan,€79,000 for the S6 Avant, and €82,750 for the S7 Sportback.